IoT Disrupts Traditional Business Models

The internet of Things changes everything. Existing businesses will be disrupted and their business models will be changed forever.

Why Us

We are the best people formula .We prefer to replace ’problem talk’ with ’solution talk’.

We have been working with B2B, B2C, consumer brands, start ups, and retail for over 24 years.

  • Serving the industries since 1993
  • Team of veterans, Millennials, Xers all game changers .Experienced, passionate professional doers
  • 100% handcrafted solutions
  • Cutting edge formulations, out of the box ideas
  • Nothing less then what true customer relationship actually means
  • All in house, a group think
  • Affordable, competitive, and maybe negotiable

Let’s make them count

We focus on being an added value partner to our customers. We go beyond just the basics; we prefer to stick around with our clients even when we have completed the project. We are built on our deep vertical market expertise and established research base, able to provide clients with qualitative ongoing insights.

A strategy we believe gives us a truer perspective of our direction. In completing a project for our client, it becomes our own personal strategy to see our clients’ achieve theirs. In what we design & develop for our clients, it is only right that it works for the client and we are there to strategize with them.

We become uncomfortable when growth surges just only on our side. We believe our growth is the result of our clients, who trust and work with us. It is therefore vital to us that we mark our collaborative growth together, even when we do not play in similar industries. When clients succeed, it is only then that we truly succeed.